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Garage Door Repair Fairfax

An old and unreliable garage door can suddenly malfunction and cause major inconveniences in your life, from not being able to get your car out for work to compromising your home’s security by letting burglars in. So at the first sign of a problem, call our garage door repair Fairfax experts at (703)495-3359.  

The amount of maintenance required by a garage door depends on the type of material it is made of. 
Cosmetic garage door repair Fairfax is barely required for aluminium garage doors, which comes in many designs, colours, and styles. The great thing about aluminium is that is rustproof. The only problem with the lightweight aluminium is that it is not as durable and will dent easily. Here are other materials usually used for garage doors.
Steel. There are many colours, finishes, and styles available when it comes to steel garage doors. They are definitely sturdy. The downside to steel is it can rust if it is dented or scratched.
Wood. The traditional choice is wood, as it offers many options in terms of custom design. The main problem is that it will require regular frequent cosmetic maintenance, like staining or painting.
PVC overlay or Fiberglass. This option is definitely more durable than metal or wood but it can crack when hit hard. It is generally cheaper than solid wood but pricier than metal.
No matter what type of material you used, Fairfax VA Garage Door Repair can offer their services. Our staff is highly trained in garage door repair Fairfax. If there are malfunctioning parts (like the belt or chain), we can make replacements if needed. Fairfax VA Garage Door Repair prioritizes customer satisfaction. We will make sure your garage door is good as new. Just send us a message through our inquiry form to request services.

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