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Henderson Sliding Glass Door Repair

Are you having problems with your sliding doors that lead to your living room? It’s good not to leave anything to chance and allow someone to enter your house more quickly. A+ Sliding Door Repair is a Henderson sliding glass door repair company, and we fix steel, wood, aluminum and vinyl sliding doors in your home.

What kind of sliding doors do you repair?

We repair sliding doors comprising of steel, wood, vinyl, and aluminum. Some of these sliding doors are from decades ago, such as most steel patio sliding doors, so they experience quite a bit of wear over time. We also repair pocket and closet sliding doors if you need them.

In most households, installation of steel or aluminum sliding doors occurred in the 1960s. Hence, you can imagine the amount of damage and wear they endured over five decades. It’s better to spend a small amount of money doing minor repairs for these doors instead of waiting for the damage to be bad enough to replace the doors.

In metal sliding doors like steel or aluminum problems include distortion or corrosion of the rails that the rollers are sliding on or damage to the rollers themselves. Although wooden doors are quite durable, they are heavy, which places stress on the moving parts like bearings and rollers. So, in wood and vinyl doors, it’s usually the moving parts that need replacing.

Why should I get professional help for repairing sliding doors?

Repairing sliding doors almost always involves taking apart the entire door. If they are wood or metal sliding doors with heavy glass panes, taking it apart is quite tricky and risky. You may end up damaging the doors and parts even more, eventually leading to expensive replacements of the more significant parts like the glass panes.

If you’re looking for a Henderson sliding glass door repair company, contact us to discuss your situation. Professional repairing companies also very likely to have the exact replacement parts you need, such as rollers and bearings.

Although we don’t recommend repairing your own doors, there are small preventative measures you can take to avoid costly repairs. For example, you can regularly clean the tracks and rollers of dirt that can clog them. Also, avoid the prevalent mistake of using a lubricant to make the rollers slide smoothly because, over time, they just attract more dirt.

Common problems with vinyl and wooden sliding doors

With wood, environmental damage is quite likely. Wood tends to absorb moisture more easily than other materials, causing expansion and being unable to close the doors properly. The weight of wood and glass can put added strain on the rollers, which will squeak when you open or shut the door.

Vinyl sliding doors aren’t as durable as metal or wood ones, especially the moving parts like the rollers. Due to the comparatively lower strength of vinyl, the doors may be more prone to cracks and scratches.

Are you searching for a Henderson sliding glass door repair firm? A+ Sliding Door Repair can help you get your doors sliding like they’re new again!

Henderson Sliding Glass Door Repair

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